Daniele da Volterra<br>I dipinti d’Elci

Daniele da Volterra
I dipinti d’Elci

16 February 2017 - 07 May 2017

Curated by Barbara Agosti and Vittoria Romani

The Corsini Gallery presents two paintings by Daniele da Volterra, the Elijah in the Desert and the Madonna with Child, the Infant St. John and St. Barbara. Daniele da Volterra was the closest artist to Michelangelo in his artistic and human experience; his paintings are now mostly lost.

The two rare works are unanimously considered masterpieces; they belong to the ancient collection of the Pannocchieschi d’Elci family, located in Siena and they have been rarely shown to the public.

Daniele da Volterra painted them while he was in Rome during the reign of Pope Paul III Farnese (1534-1549) and they reflect the crucial and pivotal impact Michelangelo’s Last Judgment and other late works had on on him.